UPDATED: 8/17/2013
The Fire Alarm and Communications Division is located at Fire Department Headquarters, Station #1, 284 Main Street.  The front Administrative Office is open Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm to accept plans and other material for the Fire Alarm Division.  Please review the options below for available online forms and information.  All forms and information downloads are in PDF format and viewable using Adobe Reader.  If you are submitting fire alarm plans for a new or existing building please fill out the application completely and review all of the information available pertaining to your project to avoid any delays.

Fire Alarm
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To schedule an appointment or for more information dial (401) 886-8687

  • Plan Review: The Communications Division is responsible for reviewing all fire alarm plans for any new system being installed within the fire district.  It is the responsibility of the director to review all submitted plans to ensure that the system being installed is adequate for the building it is being placed in and also to ensure compliance with the State of Rhode Island Fire Alarm codes. 

  • New Construction Inspection:  Once the plan is reviewed and accepted and installation begins it must still pass a mid installation inspection and a final acceptance test.  After installation and inspection has been completed, all components of the fire alarm system must be tested annually by a alarm company designated by the business owner.   

  • Fire Alarm / Dispatch Center:  The fire alarm and dispatch center located at Station #1 is managed and maintained by the Communications Division.  This includes the coded fire alarm receivers, two-way radio and phone recording systems, Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system.

  • District Communications:   The radio dispatching network incorporates all apparatus radios, portable radios and emergency alarms, paging system and statewide communications with the Intercity Radio systems. 
Municipal Fire Alarm Network

The fire department operates and mantains a 100 Milliamp Gamewell Coded Telegraph  Fire Alarm Box Network.  This system consists of a wired network that links all street and municipal fire alarm boxes in the district to the main dispatch office located at Station #1.  When a box is activated it instantaneously sends a coded telegraph signal to dispatch.  The Gamewell Boxes in the district are similar to the one pictured to the left.  This Master Box #3328 is an antique box that dates back to around the 1940's that has been restored and is in operation as the Master Box on the front of Station #1.

This particular system technology is over 100 years old and in many places in Rhode Island has been replaced by newer radio box technology.  Along with East Greenwich, the Town of West Warwick and departments in South County still operate a telegraph system. It is still widely used in Masasachusetts and in other New England states.  This type of system is also still being operated by the City of Boston and City of New York.    This old but proven technology does not rely on any sort of computer technology to operate.  I read an article that stated on September 11th when city wide communications failed in New York, the Gamewell Boxes were utilized for communication.  CLICK HERE to visit the Gamewell/FCI website f you would like to learn a bit more about the history of the Gamewell system.  You should also check out this article from the Boston Globe related to street boxes and more information on Wikipedia under Fire Alarm Boxes.
Fire Alarm Plans are now only being accepted with completed applications at the Town of East Greenwich Public Works Office located at 111 Peirce Street.  Plan review applications are available at this new location and available for download below on this page.

Plans are no longer being accepted at EGFD Station #1. 284 Main Street